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Granular Dyes : Consists of aniline dyes. Dyes are used very little because they are concentrated. Since each dye has a different content, the amount of mixture varies according to the color. Before pouring the melted paraffin into the mold, add granulated dye and stir.

Dipping Granule dyes: Used by mixing into coating paraffin for ready-made wax tops.

Types of metallic paints

METALLIC WAX PAINTS : Our foil paints are used by dipping method for coating the outer surface of the candle.

Use of Metallic Wax Exterior Surface Paints: The paint is placed in a container in the size that the candle will enter and mixed thoroughly for 1-2 minutes. Make sure that the outer surfaces of the candles to be dipped are smooth and smooth. The ready-made candle is dipped into the dye. Our foil paints are used cold and without additives. It takes about 2 hours for the paints to freeze completely on the wax.