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types of auxiliary materials


Stearic acid : Of the wax; It prolongs the burning time, makes it easy to get out of the mold, and prevents it from making soot while burning. The proportion that should be added to the candle changes seasonally. It is recommended to use 15% in summer and 10% in winter.


Shine Wax Polish :- It is used for polishing matte wax. It is applied by cold dipping method. Wax Exterior Polish Usage: Lacquer is placed in a container to the extent that the wax can enter and mixed thoroughly for 1-2 minutes. Care should be taken to ensure that the outer surfaces of the candles to be dipped are smooth and smooth. Ready wax is dipped in varnish. Our polishes are used cold and without additives. It takes approximately 45 minutes for the polish to completely set on the wax.


Metal Candle Wick Skewer: It is used to fix the candle wick and pass it through the candle.