Our commercial structure, which started with the production, distribution and trade of “paraffin raw material” since 1987, has continued with candles, candle materials, candle making courses and events since 2003.

Thanks to our institutional infrastructure, both for direct sales in our factory, as well as for those who want to make candles as an amateur or hobby; We assist in the supply of materials, machinery and training.

We continue our candle material supply business, which we reinforce with our sites and workshops, in a more voluminous way by cooperating with many domestic and foreign companies.

Our mission is to contribute to the candle and decoration culture in our country by providing candle making education.

We are at your service with a staff of 40 people in total. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, you can supply materials, and you can be informed about the developments in the sector through our sites and social media accounts.


With our efforts to provide the best service to our customers with full-time and economical solutions and an understanding that does not compromise on quality, standard and decorative candle customer demands, which are our areas of expertise.

to pay attention to occupational health and safety and the environment with a meticulousness above the law; We see the continuity of management systems and continuous improvement as a company policy.

We will reduce pollution by raising the awareness of our employees, suppliers and the social environment we live in; we believe that we will create a livable world together and increase our service quality by committing to fulfill the applicable conditions.

We are working with all our strength to become an exemplary organization with our leadership in terms of quality in the candle production market by managing our activities in line with the participation of our employees, who protect the clean environment where happy people live, with care above the minimum conditions stipulated by the laws, and who make efforts to reduce environmental pollution.

In our production areas, in order to prevent foreign materials that may cause physical contamination, glass, breakable plastic materials, wood, wire materials will not be used, the existing glass and breakable plastic materials, metal equipment will be protected and special blades will be used when it is necessary to use them and they will be checked regularly. we are committed.